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    The Runner's Diet


    Cross Country places heavy demands on the mind and the body, so it is important to keep both running at full capacity.  As John Parker said in Once a Runner, "If the furnace is hot enough, it will burn anything."  That probably is too simplistic a look at nutrition when it comes to mind and body, so Coach Marrington has put together some helpful hints.  Just click on the either Nutrition link  and enjoy the read.  Coach Loughran, our outdoor sprint coach has put together some ideas about "eating to run" and "hydrating properly".  Check out "eating to run" right here and "hydration" here.   I wonder if I should ...


    "Listen to your body.  Do not be a blind and deaf tenant."

    Dr. George Sheehan from The Quotable Runner. 


    "Listen to my body?  If I was listening to my body right now I would be home in bed eating danish and reading the funnies."

    Overheard at the 1991 San Antonio Marathon according to Mark Will-Weber in The Quotable Runner.

Last Modified on August 29, 2018