• Dear Faculty and Staff,

    We would like to remind you of our Student Enrichment- Wish List Program and how easily you can obtain funds from it. 

    Our PTO has established a fund from which we are able to supplement the educational programs at Newtown Middle School. In the past, this fund has addressed needs not dealt with by the current district budget such as technology, guest speakers, educational games and programs. The PTO is happy to help you provide the best for our students by funding items or programs for which there is no money available.

    If you are interested in applying for a grant from this fund, please read the guidelines and complete all the information on the application. A copy of the guidelines and application can be found attached to this email. Forward the application to Mr. Long for approval. Mr. Long with then bring all approved applications to the PTO for our vote. 

    We look forward to helping you provide exciting new opportunities for our children through the fund. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    All the best for a wonderful school year!

    Newtown Middle School PTO Wish List Application Guidelines

    1. Teachers and staff PTO members are encouraged to submit to the PTO a request for funding an item or service. Don’t forget to think outside the box. Students are challenged to apply what they learn in the classroom to everyday life. How can we help you achieve that? We will respectfully review each request.

    2. Please complete application with as much information as possible, including pricing information, as well as shipping and installation costs.

    3. Requested items or services should not be available from other funding sources.

    4. Our goal as a PTO is to serve all of the students so items should be of benefit for a significant number of students.

    5. Applications will be considered by the next regularly scheduled PTO meeting after approval form Mr. Long. Notification or requests for additional information will be sent promptly.

    6. Once an item is approved, an email will be sent to you regarding purchasing the item. The board may ship the item direct to the school or you may be reimbursed. If reimbursement has been chosen please present a bill or invoice to the PTO treasurer for payment. If pre-payment is required, your written request must be submitted to the PTO Treasurer including the name of payee, address and amount of check.

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Last Modified on October 13, 2021