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    Designed over 40 years ago by long-time head coach, Bill Preston, camp has become a tradition for the runners at Council Rock North.  It is a fun two to three week running camp based out of Council Rock North High School.  Most of the running will be in beautiful Tyler State Park, a great training location for running.  Camp begins on the first day of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association’s (PIAA) allowable fall sport season.  It ends the day students return to school.  What follows is an outline of the camp and helpful ideas a parent or athlete would need to know before the first day begins. 


    The Schedule

    Camp runs from 7:30-2:30. Below is a rough outline of the day.

    7:30-8:00             Team stretch and warm-up with instructions from Coach Marrington

    8:00-9:30             Main workout

    9:30-9:45             Stretch

    9:45 -1:00            Shower, eat lunch, rest and relax

    1:00-1:20              Core or Lift

    1:20-2:00              Second workout

    The above schedule will vary.  Not all athletes will end up running the second run.  Running more miles is a privilege in this sport, therefore if you are fit enough to run more we will allow you a second run.  First year runners are usually not invited on the second run for at least the first week. Therefore, first years will be able to leave around 1:30. 

    During camp we have a Friends-Alumni event that begins around 5:00 in the evening.  This involves a hard evening run around Tyler Park.  On that day, camp will end around 9:30 and athletes will be asked to return around 5:00 PM at Hickory Nut Parking lot. 

    Fridays of camp also tend to end early.  Make sure to check with Coach Marrington about early end to practices. 



    What should you bring for the all day running that is going to be done in camp?

    Security:  Bring a lock to keep your valuables secure in the locker room.  

    Food and Drink:  Please pack a lunch that is able to last when it is not refrigerated.  A half-gallon of liquid refreshment is encouraged. 

    Clothing:  With running in some extreme temperatures and conditions, changes of clothing are essential.  We recommend 1-2 changes of clothing and two pairs of shoes.  See our page on equipment to help with more specifics.  Running shoes tend to need 24 hours for the midsoles to recover.  A second pair of shoes helps this recovery process. 

    Showering accoutrements:  soap and a towel is essential to maintain good hygiene. 

    This camp will help you find the best of yourself.  We look forward to joining us in running.  May you find running as enjoyable as we do.  Remember running is a privilege, so make the most of it! 


    The Coaching Staff

Last Modified on August 20, 2019