• Honors -- Your World, Your Turn eBook Log-on Instructions



    When you follow the directions below to access your textbook online, have patience, as loading this website may take a LONG time!

    1. Go to:  


    2. Click on the grey Sign In box
    3. Everyone will have the same Username = use the one given to you in class
    4. Everyone has the same Password =use the one given to you in class
    5. Click Log In
    6. When the screen with the frog appears, click on "programs".
    7. To view the on-line text, click on a chapter.
    8. Select the top choice, "Student e-text..."
    9. Click "Open in new window"
    10. You now have access to the entire on-line textbook.  Use the navigation tools to access content.

    Be sure to log out when you are done, please!

    If you have trouble, our best suggestion is to try another browser.  I've gotten the book to load in Chrome and Firefox on a Windows machine...

    Using Your On-Line Book Challenge: Figure out how to use the search bar to find the definition of the term “secondary air pollutant.”  There’s probably more than one way!  How many can you discover?

    If you are on a school computer, be sure to log- off/sign-out the site when you are done.

Last Modified on November 19, 2019