• Rationale for Redistricting 

    The need to redistrict is based on an imbalance of enrollment across our elementary schools, middle school and high schools.  To address this, the following was developed for consideration of the Redistricting Committee.

    Board Guidelines Established December 2015

    • Balance high school populations.
    • Do not split elementary schools across feeder patterns.
    • Eliminate islands of neighborhoods or communities attending one school but not touching the rest of that attendance area.
    • Cross feeder patterns moving students in the North to the South or from the South to the North.
    • Students will attend a school that is relatively close to their address.
    • Only redistrict students once.

    In addition

    • Wrightstown converted to K-4 and now converting back to K-6
    • Consolidation from 3 to 2 middle schools with equal capacities