Competitive Events:

  • At the September/October General Membership Meeting, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a regional competition. You can choose to sign up for a competition from a list of over 50 business-related concepts as an individual or team such as Marketing, Social Media Campaign, Public Speaking, and Business Communications.

    In November, you or your group will have the ability to take an online test that has 100 questions about your topic in an hour to compete against other schools in the Bucks County Area.

    In December, at the Regional Conference at Delaware Valley University, you can choose to attend to find out how you placed or to compete for presentation events such as Public Speaking and many more.

    Top 3 placements from the region in each category go on to compete at States in Hershey in April. More information at this week’s meeting!

    What if I don’t know anything about my topic?

    You do not need to be an expert on the topic you choose - we will provide you with study materials and study groups to learn the material you need!

    The two links on the left take you to the FBLA-PBL website. The first link lists all the competitions and the skills you need to do well in them. The second link is a full list of all the competitions and an in-depth detail of them. Please look over the competitions you are interested in, so you can sign up for them on Thursday.

    Please note you MUST be a member of FBLA to sign up, so make sure you have your $20 dues in. It is a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are unable to make the meeting stop by A8 to sign up!