• November 2018 Updated Revised Redistricting Proposal

    Council Rock parents are encouraged to closely review the following Updated Revised Redistricting Proposal and corresponding Option Analysis. This proposal was designed to bring us closer to adherence of redistricting board guidelines. To see board guidelines, please CLICK HERE.

    Please be aware that the Updated Revised Elementary Boundary Line Maps include several new proposed changes that are either unique to this version or reflected differently from the way in which they were previously presented in a prior proposal.

    In particular, we draw your attention to unique changes and modifications made in the following sending areas and geographic locations:

    1. Holland Elementary and Hillcrest Elementary Schools sending areas (reducing impact)
    2. Newtown Elementary and Goodnoe Elementary Schools sending areas (reducing Impact)
    3. The geographic location near Tanyard Road, Hatboro Road, and Routes 232 and Almshouse Road
    4. The geographic location near Twining Ford Road
    5. The geographic location along Worthington Mill Road and the southern section of Wrightstown Road
    6. The geographic location near Hatboro Road, Almshouse Road, and Spencer Road

    Please click on the link below to review the November 2018 Updated Revised Boundary Line Maps

    November 2018 Updated Revised Elementary Boundary Line Map (Please be patient; document takes time to load!)

    November 2018 Updated Revised Secondary Boundary Line Map  (Please be patient; document takes time to load!)

    Please click on the following link to review detailed information about shifts in elementary and secondary boundary lines, including the number of students impacted at each building and the building capacity relative to average capacity.

    Updated Revised Redistricting Proposal Option Analysis Link