• Country Research Papers [CRPs]

    What is a CRP?

    A Country Research Paper [CRP] is a document that asks you to research your country and its stance on three key issues. These issues are located in the Topic Manual and vary depending on your assigned committee.

    Writing a CRP helps you to learn about your country, which then makes you more knowledgeable so that you can speak freely about your country in debate and easily write resolutions in committee. Putting in the work now will make your conference experience more enjoyable.


    How should I get started?

    Note: In order to edit the Google files, you will need to save to your drive. In the document, go to File "add to my drive". Then click "organize" when it appears [or click on the folder icon] to move it to a new folder, which you can name MUN. Then you will be able to edit and find your file easily. DO NOT REQUEST ACCESS TO EDIT.

    First, use the CRP GRAPHIC ORGANIZER to record your research

    Second, you will need the 2018-2019 TOPIC MANUAL and the name of your committee in order to find the specific three topics for your committee.  

    Third, you will these LINKS for your research. No Wikkis. CIA World Factbook is always a good place to start.

    Fourth, review this COMPLETED CRP and follow the text in red to create your own paper. Again, be sure to focus on the specific three topics for your committee. 


    What if I have questions?

    Email Mrs. Boekamp at kboekamp@crsd.org or speak with a veteran member of the club. You may share your file with me if you have questions. Also, if you have the same country as another member, you may work together to conduct research. It looks like Barbados, Luxembourg, Thailand and ICC are the only duplicates. Here is the full list: Assignments


    What is the due date?

    CRHS-South due date is NOVEMBER 27, which gives us a few days to review the papers before the MUN deadline of Dec. l. 


    Where should I submit my paper?

    Upload your paper on the MUN REGISTRATION PAGE. I will be able to view the papers from there. If you lost your password, you should be able to reset it yourself. If not, email me at kboekamp@crsd.org and I will be happy to help.