• Fortitude - Forge Ahead Opportunities for Support

    The following teachers are available for RA assistance based on the schedule below.  

    Students should check the RA schedule of their World Language and Arts teachers, individually. 

    Alternative meeting times are available, if arranged in advance with the teacher. 

    Clinic is offered every Thursday from 3:00 - 3:45 with district transportation provided on a 4 o'clock bus. 

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

    Day 6

    Mr. Albrecht

    Mrs. Birkhead

    Mr. Bound

    Mrs. Lutton

    Mr. Albrecht

    Mrs. Birkhead

    Mr. Bound

    Mrs. Kemp

    Mrs. Schmidt

    Mrs. Birkhead

    Mrs. Kemp

    Mrs. Lutton

    Mrs. Schmidt

    Mr. Albrecht

    Mr. Bound

    Mrs. Lutton

    Mr Albrecht

    Mr. Bound

    Mrs. Kemp
    Mrs. Lutton

    Mrs. Birkhead

    Mrs. Kemp

    Mrs. Lutton
    Mrs. Schmidt


    Suggestions for Success

    Team Fortitude teachers have compiled the following suggestions for student success in the classroom.  Though they are listed by content area, many of these strategies will prove helpful in all curricular areas. 



    1. Request passes for RA help - Days 2, 3, 5, and 6 

    2. Attend clinic in advance of tests/quizzes

    3. Review class notes, routinely

    4. Make use of resources (Google Classroom, website, classmates) to locate materials and information

    5. Read. Students should always have a self-selected book they are reading in addition to assigned text

    6. Use your HW book daily - even if it only says "None" or "Same" 

    7. Check HAC weekly to determine if any work must be completed

    8. Ask questions in class, if the content or the directions are unclear

    9. Participate in class, regularly 



    1. Actively participate during instruction

    2. Ask questions during class

    3. Check your answers in the back of the book or on the next page of the packet

    4. Attend RA for extra help (Day 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5) 

    5. Attend clinic on Thursday after school 

    6. Use the online textbook tutorials

    7. Use the "Check for Understanding" practice quizzes in the online textbook


    Social Studies

    1. Check Google Classroom DAILY for updates, assignments, and announcements.  Google Classroom also has class notes/powerpoints, handouts, links to helpful study tools, and all other relevant information. 

    2. Check HAC WEEKLY to make sure of your assignment completion, scores, and upcoming due dates.

    3. Utilize RA period for additional help (days 1, 2, 4, and 5) 

    4. CLINIC Thursdays after school

    5. Review notes and lessons each night (10 - 15 minutes) 

    6. Be on task during class...take ownership of your education! 



    1. Check the Google Classroom for homework assignments and upcoming tests/quizzes

    2. Review sheets, lecture notes, study guides, supplemental work are posted a minimum of one week in advance on the Google Drive 

    3. Print out advanced copy review sheet and complete in small increments as opposed to waiting until the night before to study 

    4. Study in small chunks every night; 7 - 10 minutes of review of previously learned content. 

    5. Homework can be handed in late (for credit) if the student comes within one week of the due date with the missed work, but this must take place only during an RA period - with a pass from Mrs. Lutton that has been received before homeroom begins (days 1, 3, 4, and 6) 

    6. See Mrs. Lutton in RA period (days 1, 3, 4, and 6) or Thursday afternoon clinic for additional assistance 

    7. Answer all the challenge questions and critical thinking questions at the end of every section and chapter.  See Mrs. Lutton if you are having difficulty answering these questions.

    8. If a student is absent, on vacation, or misses school for any reason, they should check the Google Classroom and follow up with a friend regarding the missed work.  If the work is available on the Google Classroom, it should be completed, if possible. 

    9. Participation in class builds interest, fluency, and mastery of the content. 



    1. The most important way to improve as a reader is to read.  Homework is the same every single night - read independently for 20 minutes.  Your child should read his/her independent reading book, or read articles that are interesting to them.  All students have access to www.newsela.com which is an excellent resource of nonfiction articles that can be read at the student's independent reading level. 

    2. Read during RA, after tests, and bring a self-selected reading book to class each day. 

    3. Check Google Classroom for assignments and announcements. 

    4. Mrs. Birkhead is available for extra help during RA on days 1, 2, 3, and 6  - as well as clinic on Thursdays.