• December 12th Redistricting Update with Clarification

    As part of the Facilities Committee Meeting on Thursday, December 6, 2018, the Board discussed the recommended Redistricting Plan and provided Administration with direction for slight revisions to the plan as well as a request for additional information. 

    Based on Board discussion and consensus, Administration worked with Cropper GIS/McKibben Demographics to make the following requested revisions:
    * Students west of Orthodox Road currently moving from Richboro to Welch will move to Wrightstown.
    * Students along Worthington Mill Road will remain in Wrightstown rather than moving to Newtown.
    * Students in the Holland Ridge area will remain in Hillcrest rather than moving to Richboro.
    * Students on Mill Race and Wood Stream Roads off of Bridgetown Pike will move to Holland along with other students along Bridgetown Pike.

    Additionally, the Board asked Administration to look at the area on both sides of Twining Ford Road to determine if those students living on both sides of the road could attend Wrightstown Elementary beginning in 2019-2020.  With concerns about the available classroom space at Wrightstown, the Board also asked  Administration to consider any small sections moving to Wrightstown in the recommended plan that could be kept in Richboro. With the support of Cropper GIS, Administration identified a small area along the west side of Second Street Pike (Route 232) from Bonnie Road South to Almshouse Road (Route 332).

    This area includes the following streets: Galloway, Douglas, Paisley, Tartan, Bonnie, Glasgow and Daisy. If approved by the Board, students on these streets will remain at Richboro Elementary, Holland Middle, and CR South.


    At the Special Board Meeting on Thursday, December 13, 2018, the Board will review and vote on the final plan. The meeting will take place in the Chancellor Center Administration Building's Board Room, with a start time of 7:30 PM.