• December 13 Redistricting Message from Superintendent Fraser

    Dear CR School Community– 

    At their December 13, 2018, Special Board Meeting, the Board of School Directors approved the final redistricting plan.

    It goes without saying that our school community has undergone a difficult and significant journey to get to this point. Redistricting certainly does not happen overnight. It is a serious matter that demands serious consideration, and I can assure our community that it was never taken lightly. In fact, an enormous amount of time and energy went into the difficult task of balancing our district. I am certain that the important work completed will yield positive outcomes for Council Rock students for years to come. Additionally, I am confident that we, as a community, will now move forward together as one. 

    I would like to acknowledge the dedication of the Redistricting Committee who volunteered countless hours, thinking and rethinking the many different factors and perspectives that come with a complex districtwide change such as this one. I would also like to thank the professionals from Cropper GIS, who seamlessly stepped in at a crucial juncture to advance the Committee’s vision. Finally, I would like to thank our Council Rock families who have followed redistricting from its conceptual phase until now. I fully recognize that the process has not been an easy one. It has included more than one recommended proposal and a vast amount of data and information. For clarity sake, I would like to remind the community of the following:

    • Redistricting begins September 2019 
    • Current 7-11th Grade students are grandfathered in their sending pattern
    • Current Richboro Elementary School 6th grade students are grandfathered in their sending pattern and may opt out of that grandfathering

    Members of the Council Rock Central Office Team have been working closely with our elementary principals to develop comprehensive transition activities for redistricted families, as well as those who are staying at their current schools but are losing classmates. It is our job to put supports in place that build confidence before, during, and after redistricting transitions. To that end, we are looking at the transition process from all angles, taking into account the social-emotional, academic, and extracurricular needs of our students while also factoring in family needs. 

    The REDISTRICTING HUB on the website will continue to host all documents relative to the December 2018 Approved Redistricting Plan.  We will also begin to incorporate important transition information into the HUB. Those families being redistricted can expect a personalized letter from the District in mid-January. The letter, which will be sent via US Mail, will include a follow-up communication from me as well as an introductory principal communication. 

    Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported this important Council Rock effort. I look forward to all of us moving forward together. 


    Thank you– 

    Dr. Robert Fraser