• Giant A+ School Rewards!


    Do you...

    ...food shop at Giant?  

    ...have a Giant Bonus Card for a discount/use your phone number at the register?

    ...like earning cash back for our school JUST FOR BUYING GROCERIES!



    YES! Giant offers cash back to Hillcrest Elementary School every year thanks to those who have registered their accounts to do so.  


    Signing up is SO easy, and you have to do it only once, but you need to make sure your have Hillcrest selected, or no one gets the rewards at all.  


    1. Log in to your account at giantfoodstores.com

    2. Select "my account" in the top right corner, and select the purple button for "manage your account" 

    3. Next to "Account Profile" select the "Rewards & Savings" button (see below)

    4. Select the Blue Button for Change School under the A+ School Rewards section 



    4. On the next screen, enter our school code: 23579, press the blue > button 

    5. Then select the green "Save and Finish" button once our school name appears! 


    That's all you have to do to help earn cash for our school just by doing something you already do every week!


Last Modified on January 2, 2019