1. Q: When does redistricting go into effect?

    A: Redistricting begins in September 2019.

    2. Q: Is there a way to easily view school boundary lines and confirm redistricted addresses?

    A: Yes, CR Administration has worked with Cropper GIS to develop an interactive map that clearly shows the new redistricting school boundary lines.  The map has a feature that allows community members to type in an address and see which school that address attends for both current and new redistricting patterns. The CR school community can access the school locator map HERE or on the district website in the Redistricting Transition Hub.

    3. Q: How and when will I know my child’s new bus stop information?

    A: Bus stop location and pick-up /drop off time for redistricted students will be posted to the Home Access Center (HAC) and available for review in mid-August as is normally the case for all students. Transportation questions should be sent directly to the transportation department at transportation.crsd.org.

    4. Q: Will redistricted students have an opportunity to interact with their redistricted peers in their new school?

    A: Yes. Every effort will be made to connect redistricted peers with each other.

    5. Q: How will teachers know about my child’s individualized plan(s) (IEP, GIEP, 504 Plan)?

    A: There will be ongoing collaboration between sending and receiving schools. Principals, school counselors, instructional support teachers, and classroom teachers will communicate and work collectively to fulfill all student transition needs throughout the remainder of the 2018-2019 school year, during summer 2019, and in the initial months of the 2019-2020 school year.

    6. Q: Which students are currently grandfathered under the approved redistricting plan?

    A: Current 7-11th grade students are grandfathered in their sending pattern. Also, current Richboro Elementary School 6th grade students are grandfathered in their sending pattern, and may opt out of such grandfathering.

    7. Q: When will my child(ren) meet the principal and staff of his/her new school?

    A: Redistricted students will have a chance to visit their new school and meet their new principal and staff in March 2019 and again in June 2019 as part of district-wide transition day activities that will take place during the regular school day. Students will also be able to interact with their new school community by attending the May 2019 Transition Welcome Session with their parents/guardians. 

    8. Q: When will parents have the opportunity to visit their new school and meet the principal?

    A: School-based redistricting transition Welcome Sessions will take place in spring 2019. At these events, redistricted families will have an opportunity to tour their redistricted school and personally meet their building principal and key staff.  

    9. Q: When will I know my child’s teacher?

    A: Class/ teacher assignments will be accessible in August 2019 in HAC.

    10. Q: My child attends a district special education program, will he/she be redistricted?

     A: No – all current district-level special education programs are unaffected by redistricting. These include Life Skills at Hillcrest Elementary, Emotional Support Program at MMW, Autistic Support Program at Holland Elementary and Goodnoe Elementary, Multi-disabilities Program at Newtown Elementary, Intensive Learning Support at Holland Elementary, Life Skills Support Class at Newtown Elementary School.

    11. Q: How do I learn about my new school community?

         A: There will be several opportunities for redistricted families to learn about their new school community, including the following:

    • May 2019 Transition Welcome Session
    • August Meet and Greet Night
    • September PTO Welcome Back To School Event
    • Regularly scheduled new family orientation

    School-specific transition and back-to-school community building event information will be mailed to parents/guardians and posted on school websites.

    12. Q: What activities will be put in place to introduce and build peer relationships

    A: Peer relationship building activities will occur throughout the district but may look slightly different at each building. Such activities may include: back to school welcome celebrations, peer lunch buddy opportunities, and student-led welcome to our building letter writing activities.

    13. Q: Will my child’s educational program be the same at my new school?

    A: Council Rock will continue to offer consistent curricular experiences from school to school.

    14. Q: Will my child have co-curricular activities at his/her new school?

    A: Yes. All elementary schools have co-curricular activities. Co-curricular information will be shared at the Spring 2019 Transition Welcome Event. 

    15: Q: What will be done for students who are remaining in their current school?

    A: We recognize that transition also occurs for students who are not being redistricted.  Community building activities will occur throughout the school and in classrooms. 

    16: Q: How do I communicate specific questions moving forward relative to the transition process?

    A: Redistricted parents/guardians can send individualized transition questions via email to their current or newly assigned principal or to CR Administrator on Special Assignment, Mr. Andy Sanko asanko@crsd.org.