• Early Dismissal Procedures

    If your child will be leaving early from school, please send them to school with a note on that day, which they will be asked by their Homeroom teacher to present to the Attendance Secretary in the Front Office.  Your child will be issued a pass to leave class, with enough time to stop at their locker and be met in the front office for pick up.  Following this procedure also allows for the student to be included in the morning report that informs teachers that the student will be leaving and what time that dismissal will occur.  Be sure that you send a note on the particular day of the dismissal.   Please do not send a note in ahead of time for a future event, only for the day they will leave early.

    Without this protocol you may experience delays as the front office tries to locate your child’s class and interrupt class instruction to call the student.  Emailing the teacher does not ensure that the information will get to the Attendance Office in time for the above to occur, and the student to have the necessary hall pass to leave for dismissal.  Also, while it may be difficult to say exactly what time you can arrive for pick up, but we do ask for a more concrete anticipated time rather than a range of time.  This is in hopes of your child staying in class for as much instructional time possible.