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    Dear Students,

    You will be required to complete a Reading activity using either the novel you are currently reading at home or by reading a comprehension selection. The purpose of this assignment is to have you dig deeper into your reading through reflection and critical thinking.

    The reading response journal will ask you will complete a reading response from your Reading Response Menu. The second assignment will ask you to use Close reading strategies. For both assignments, you must use evidence from your novel/book to support your thinking. You may type or write your responses. If you type your response, please email or share it with afreedman1@crsd.org.

    Below is the schedule of when your reading journals are due. They are due on Tuesdays. You will have two weeks to complete a Reading Response Journal and one week to answer comprehension questions. Please refer to the sheet and make sure your response journal is completed on time. A late journal will result in a missed assignment and recess time to complete it.

    Happy Reading!


    Mrs. Freedman


    Due Dates:
    Assignment 1:     Tuesday, December 11th

    Assignment 2:     Tuesday, December 18th (parts 1 and 2)

    Assignment 3:      Tuesday, January 15th

    Assignment 4:      Tuesday, January 22th (parts 1 and 2)

    Assignment 5:      Tuesday, February 5th

    Assignment 6:     Tuesday, February 12th


    Click the attachment to view your assignments. You can always print out the page that is due, or use this packet to help you.

    Reading Response Journal Packet