• CR South Winter Track                                                                                                      2014 - 15

    Team Rules


    1.     Abide by all applicable school rules and maintain eligibility.  This applies to academics, behavior, alcohol and drugs.


    2.     Everyone is expected to attend all practices, on time.  If you are unable to attend practice, you must notify Coach Spearing by email or phone.  Conflicts will be handled on an individual basis.


    3.     Respect yourself and your teammates.  There will be absolutely no hazing or harassment tolerated.  All teammates are equal.  Any acts or words meant to demean others are unacceptable.

    This is what respect looks like:

    a.      Be on time for practice and meets

    b.     Positive interactions

    c.     Give your best effort

    d.     Know everyone by name

    e.      Support one another in practice and competition


    4.     Report any injury to Coach Spearing as soon as possible.  Any time that you see the trainer you must inform Coach Spearing.


    5.     You are expected to complete the workout provided by your coach.  It is not permissible to arbitrarily change the workout.  If there is a problem you must discuss any deviations from the workout with your coach.  This will help you and your teammates.


    6.     Any time an athlete leaves the building, even if it is a planned workout, they are required to notify Coach Spearing.  They must check in when returning to the building.  Leaving the building without permission is not allowed.


    7.     Competing for your school is an honor and a privilege to be earned.  Everyone won’t be able to compete in every meet but everyone who attends practice will have a chance to compete, at some time.


    8.     When in doubt, communicate.


    9.     Failure to comply with these rules may result in suspension or dismissal from the team.


    We will meet every day on the indoor track.

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:55.

    Tuesday, Thursday 3:05.