CRN Tennis Team Rules, Guidelines, & Expectations


    "If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and meet those two imposters just the same ..." -Rudyard Kipling


     Players are expected to carefully read and comprehend these rules, expectations, and procedures.  Reliability and accountability are key ingredients to being an effective member of a team.  Any situations that are not expressly covered in this packet will be handled at the discretion of the Head Coach and Athletic Director.




    • The USTA Code of Conduct will be enforced in practice (challenge matches), dual matches, and in individual tournaments.
    • The first instance of audible obscenity, abuse of equipment (throwing racket, slamming ball into or over fence, etc.), slow play, or abuse of opponent will result in a warning.
    • The second offense will be the loss of a point, third offense will be loss of game, and fourth offense would result in a disqualification.
    • Chronic offenses of this nature during tryouts or during the season could result in removal from the tournament, suspension, or expulsion from the team.
    • Chronic offenses during practice will result in your being benched, running wind sprints or jumping rope for extended periods.




    • Players MUST discuss any potential absences due to prior commitments with Coach Stretch in advance.
    • Make every attempt to schedule all doctor’s appointments outside of practice time.
    • Seniors should make every effort to schedule college visits prior to the start of the season.
    • Serious year-round players may, on occasion, miss practice to participate in a sanctioned USTA tournament.
    • 1st unexcused absence from practice/match – drop in rank on team
    • 2nd unexcused absence from practice/match – one match suspension
    • 3rd unexcused absence from practice/match – expulsion from the team
    • Each excused absence from a match will result in a drop in your ranking on the team, to be determined by the Coaches.
    • More than two (2) missed matches can result in expulsion from the team (Being part of a team means honoring your commitments, both to your teammates and yourself).



    •  Absolute NO tolerance policy!
    •  Remember you put you, your teammates and your season at risk.
    •  Consequences imposed by the CR School District could result in a player being ineligible.



    • Being on time means being 10 minutes early.
    • Anyone arriving late for practice MUST have a signed excuse from a teacher/counselor.
    • Unexcused lateness to practice/match will result in extended conditioning.
    • Chronic unexcused lateness may result in suspension or expulsion.



    • Players are NOT allowed to leave the tennis court area without permission during practice or a match.
    • At the conclusion of your individual match, you should:
    • Bring balls and score cards off the court with you during home matches
    • Immediately report your scores to Coach Stretch
    • Engage one of the coaches in a brief post-match analysis
    • Lend your enthusiastic support to teammates whose matches are still in progress
    • Players may not go home until every player’s match has been completed AND Coach Stretch has dismissed the team.
    • Failure to comply will result in extended conditioning.



    • Bring a positive and energetic ATTITUDE to the courts every day!
    • Bring tennis sneakers, hat, water bottle, towel, extra shirt, warm-up suit, and a MINIMUM of two (2) strung rackets every day.
    • If you rely on items like vibration dampeners, wristbands, headbands, etc., bring them with you every day.
    • An irresponsible athlete is demonstrating a lack of commitment to himself and his team! Develop success habits by being responsible and committed.



    • Work on strokes, agility, endurance, or concentration THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE practice session.
    • If you have completed an assigned drill and Coach Stretch is still working with other players, take the initiative to work on some aspect of your game until he is ready for you.
    • TIME IS PRECIOUS - Don’t waste it!



    •  Inform the coach immediately if you believe you have sustained an injury.
    •  See the school trainer or physician as soon as possible.
    •  Strictly follow the protocol prescribed.
    •  Be aggressive about treatment, but don’t return to action until you have been cleared by the trainer or your doctor.



    • The coaches should be the first to know about any problems with academics, with your health, or with the team.
    • I will not discuss playing time with parents—YOU talk to coaches.
    • Cell phones OFF when the coach is addressing the team.
    • The coaches make their judgments based on performance and attitude.
    • Discuss areas for improvement with the coaches and be willing to put in the extra time at home and before and after practice to achieve your performance goals.



    • A rotating pair of freshmen will bring water to and from practice on a daily basis. (Rotation to be determined by captain(s))
    • Conditioning and stretching will begin at 2:45 promptly.
    • Jog back into line after completing a rotation in a drill.
    • Keep your feet moving during any drill.
    • Collect balls during and in between drills.



    • Players should be at the courts for warm-up by 2:30 on the day of home matches.
    • Players should meet near the rear gym entrance to the school for away matches (dismissal times will be announced)
    • All players will travel in school transportation to and from away matches unless email permission is obtained from the coach and AD before the match starts.
    • A rotation of underclassmen on the varsity team will be responsible for water


     PILLARS of our PROGRAM:


    • SELFLESSNESS – You should have a strong desire to be successful. However, if you had to choose between your losing and the team’s winning or your winning but the team's losing, you wouldn’t hesitate to choose the former.
    • INTENSITY - Practice as if you were playing a live match
    • PRIDE - Be proud to be part of CR North tennis
    • POISE - Develop positive self-talk
    • COMPETITIVENESS - Hustle to every ball



    “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchhill


     "Live as if you were going to die tomorrow, learn as if you were going to live forever." Gandhi


     "Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself." John Dewey







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