Have you ever thought of fostering an animal? 
    Many animals are put down each year because of lack of space for them to live until their forever home is found.  Local shelters are limited as to how long they can keep an animal.  When the "time is up" wonderful animals are put down unless there is a temporary or "foster home" for them to live. 
    Here in Bucks County there are many cats and dogs - truly wonderful animals -that need a temporary home. 
    What is fostering?  Fostering is when you bring an animal home to live with you until they can be adopted into their forever home.  You care for the animals as you would an animal of your own.....lots of food and love.  Then - usually on weekends, you take the animal to a local petstore for "Adoption Day".  At the end of the day, if the animal has not been adopted, the pets are returned to their foster home where they live happy and normal lives.  Most animals are adopted within a few weeks.