• Academic Daily Plan
    This page provides a guideline of the activities, lessons, and content
    planned for English class.

     It is meant to help you catch up if you have missed class and serve as a reminder of what is coming up.

     This schedule does change from time to
    time based on the needs of each individual class period.  

    It is updated by 8AM every Monday. 



    Week of November 11 

    Monday: Paralympics & Cerebral Palsy

    Tuesday: Prostheses & Physical Therapy 

    Wednesday: The Boston Marathon Bombing

    Thursday: Free Write

    Friday: Verbs


    Week of November 4

    Monday: Turn in Reading Response; Readers Q&A 

    Tuesday: No School 

    Wednesday: Review

    Thursday: Review

    Friday: Unit Test - The Running Dream 


    Week of October 28 

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: CDT

    Thursday: Feed & Read

    Friday: Reading Response Assignment


    Week of October 21 

    Monday: Quick Check Part II: Writing Workshop Narrative

    Tuesday: Feed and Read 

    Wednesday: Writing Workshop 

    Thursday: Writing Workshop - Aim to finish Final Copy 

    Friday: Narrative FC due; Linking Verbs 


    Week of October 14 

    M: Turn in RD; Silent Reading; Vocab "Cheat Sheet" 

    T: Part I Quick Check; Characterization 

    W: HALF DAY - Linking Verbs 

    TH: Writing Workshop; Peer Editing

    F: Writing Workshop; Peer Editing


    Week of October 7 

    M: Intro to Novel & Vocabulary 

    T: Read Aloud; Reading Guide; Quick Write


    TH: Linking Verbs; Literary Terms

    F: Writing Workshop Narrative


    Week of October 2

    W: Plot 

    Th: Linking Verbs 

    F: Writing Workshop- Narrative


    Week of September 23 

    M: MP 1 Timed Writing Prompt 

    T: Conflict Read Alouds; Conflict Plan Assignment 

    W: Helping Verbs; Writing Workshop 

    TH: Writing Workshop; Peer Brainstorming & Conferencing Available 

    F: Writing Workshop; Peer Brainstorming & Conferencing Available


    Week of September 16

    M: Library Orientation; Poem Submission; Narrative Assignment 

    T: Direct & Indirect Characterization; Brainstorming

    W: Flat & Round Characters; Telling Verbs; Independent Work

    Th: Static & Dynamic Characters; Transitive & Intransitive Verbs; Independent Work 

    F: Character Sketches (due at the end of class) 



    Week of September 9

    M: Book Fair; Text Exploration

    T: Poetry Assignment; Writing Workshop

    W: Capitalization; Peer Editing

    Th: Peer Editing; Teacher Conferencing

    F: 8th Grade HAWK Day 


    Week of September 2

    M: LABOR DAY - School Closed

    T: 7th Grade Attends - No School for 8th Grade 

    W: 1st Day of School - Welcome; Writing Folder

    H: Text Explorations & Expectations

    F: No-Stress Pre-Test & Binder Preparation