• How to access our Math book online:

    Each student's username is "CR" followed by

    his/her student ID number (ex: CR100001)

    *Each student's password is "Crsd" (case sensitive)

    followed by his/her student ID number (ex: Crsd100001)


    Class Code-  yoQ59NIs


    Ways to use to ensure SUCCESS!!

    1. E-book-

       Log on to website

       Click on our 6th grade book

       Find the e-book link in the top right corner

       At the bottom, type the page you are trying to access.

    2. Video Tutor-

       From the e-book, click on the purple play button.

       From the homepage:

          Click on the book

          On the right hand side, you will see some colored symbols with arrows. Scroll through until you find the purple play button.

          Use the dropdown menu on the left side to access the correct chapter and lesson. 

Last Modified on August 26, 2020