• bullet   "B.E.A.R.S. Binder"

             Each student has a "BEARS Binder", which may be used for important papers and notes.  Please remind your 3rd grader to check this binder every night. You may also use this binder to send in notes about changes in dismissal, lunch money, and any other correspondence.


    bullet    Homework/Assignment Book:

             Please check your 3rd grader's assignment book for daily communication on a nightly basis. Your child is required to record nightly homework and include other information about upcoming school news & events in his/her assignment book. You may also use this book to write a quick note to me, but please be sure your child addresses the note with me when he/she arrives at school.    


    bullet    Changes in Dismissal:

             You may communicate a change in dismissal via a note or an email in advance. If there are changes to your child's dismissal plans after your child arrives at school, please contact the office at 215-944-2400. Please DO NOT send me an email with any emergency changes in your 3rd grader's dismissal as I may not be able to receive the email prior to dismissal time.


    bullet    Absences:

              Please email or send in a note to the teacher the day your child returns to school in order to report the absence.  Parents may also report an absence through the electronic absent report website, which is the best and fastest way :).  

              After 3 consecutive absences - a doctor's note is required

              Report a family trip using the Educational Family Trip form - can be obtained from the office 


    bullet    Snack:

             Please send in one nutritious snack with your 3rd grader each day (even on early dismissal days).  We are a peanut safe school, so please be mindful of the kinds of snacks your child brings in to the classroom.


    bullet    Birthdays:

             Our class looks forward to celebrating everyone's birthdays! If you'd like to bring in something for our class, non-edible treats are welcomed. If you choose to bring in a light snack, please be sure to have the snack precut/prepared with napkins, plates, forks, etc. Thank you for your cooperation with this! Also, please be aware that our school has a Directory of names and addresses for you to use to help deliver birthday invitations. Please help us by not allowing your child to bring his/her invitations in to school.