• Your binders are one of your keys to success!! Keeping them neat and organized is critical!! Please make upkeep a daily habit. Please note: We will use 3 different binders! The math binder is red, ELA is blue, and SS and Science are green.


    Binder #1: Math

    Number Corner: This is our daily warm-up.

    Vocabulary: This is the 5th grade Math vocabulary section. Please refer to this section in order to enhance your understanding of the concepts presented in class.

    Class work: Any in-class assignments will be placed in this section. Please fill this with loose leaf paper.

    Class work must include the following heading:

    Math page #:


    Work PlaceAny work place games will be placed in this section.


    Binder #2: English Language Arts(ELA):

    Vocabulary: To understand the meaning of words used in the context of the text.

    Learning Contracts/ Small Books: This is where you will store all learning contracts.

    Grammar/ Writing: This includes grammar practice, graphic organizers, and additional writing strategies. Please add loose leaf paper to this section.


    Binder #3: (2 sections) Science and Social Studies


    Section #1) Science:

    Vocabulary:  This is the 5th grade science vocabulary section. It is set-up in 2-column notes. Please write neatly and make sure to number all of the vocabulary words. A picture must be drawn for each word.

    Articles/Experiments: Science articles will be placed in this section. Students will read and respond to these articles. Please refer to these articles to help you thoroughly comprehend the topics.  Students will place all experiment papers and teacher handouts in this section.

    Learning Log: Students will write daily about what they learned. See Learning Log handout for more information. This section is graded every marking period.

    Learning Log entries must include: Topic, Date, and Time.


    Section #2) Social Studies:

    Notes/Vocabulary: Students will file all notes/vocabulary/classroom handouts in this section.