• CR Kids on the Block

    Advisor: Megan Cooper
    Email Address: mcooper@crsd.org

    CR Kids on the Block (KOB) started approximately 20 years ago. At that time there was only one high school in Council Rock. It is the only club in Council Rock that is the same club at North and South. We perform the KOB program at all 10 elementary schools for the third grade students. After the assembly the puppeteers go back to the classroom to demonstrate equipment and answer additional questions.
    KOB puppeteers practice after school weekly, 8 weeks prior to the "trouping season". We start trouping in February and end before spring break and senior week.  Since trouping is done during the school day, the high school students miss several classes.  We usually leave after 1st period and return between periods4/6.  The students do not go to all 10 elementary schools. They are required to troupe to at least two schools, but they may sign up for additional schools.
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Last Modified on January 11, 2018