Week of Oct. 14

    M: Part II Vocab due Friday 10/18 

    T:  Part II Reading Guide due Monday 10/21

    W: Narrative Final Copy due Friday 10/25

    Th: SAME

    F: SAME 


    Week of Oct. 7 

    M: Part I Vocab due Friday 10/11

    T:  Part I Reading Guide due Monday 10/14


    TH: Linking Verb Practice due tomorrow 

    F: Finish Rough Draft by Monday 10/14


    Week of Oct 2

    W: Conflict Plan due at the beginning of class (extended); Helping Verb HW due tomorrow

    TH: Verb Practice due tomorrow 

    F: REMINDERS: Final Copy of Narrative due 10/25; Complete Rough Draft by Monday 10/14


    Week of Sept. 23 

    M: Action Verb HW 2 due Wednesday

    T: Conflict Plan Assignment due Friday at the end of class (EXTENDED - Due Wednesday) 

    W: Helping Verb HW due Thursday 

    TH: No new homework 

    F: REMINDER: Final Copy of Narrative due 10/25 


    Week of Sept. 16

    M: Bring a self-selected book every day 

    T: Character Sketch due Friday at the end of class

    W: Telling Verbs HW due tomorrow 

    Th: Transitive & Intransitive Verbs HW due tomorrow 

    F: NONE 


    Week of Sept. 9 

    M:Poem Assignment due Monday 9/16 

    T: First Draft due tomorrow

    W: Capitalization HW due Thursday 

    TH: Final Copy due Monday

    F: Same