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    Council Rock School District has a Dual Enrollment Agreement with Gwynedd Mercy University (GMercyU). The Dual Enrollment Program offers Council Rock students an opportunity to get a head start on college by completing college courses and earning college credits while still in high school. The courses are offered at a substantial discount of only $400 per course. This program is a perfect way for students to explore new subjects, save on college tuition, and prepare for their futures all while never leaving their high school campus. 

    The courses offered with a dual enrollment option are:

    • Honors Accounting: GMercyU, Principles of Accounting ACC 105
    • Honors Management: GMercyU, Principles of Management BUS 301
    • Honors Marketing: GMercyU, Principles of Marketing BUS 207
    • Accelerated Computers for College and Careers: GMercyU, Introduction to Desktop Computing CIS 101

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who can participate in the program? Juniors and seniors enrolled in eligilbe courses who meet one of the following criteria: (a) honors courses, (b) accelerated courses with A's and B's, or (c) recommendation of subject-area faculty.

    2. Do I have to enroll at Gwynedd Mercy University to take these courses?  No. Enrollment at the university is optional.

    3. Do I have to do additional work to earn the college credits?  No. The course and all assignments are the same whether or not you enroll at the university.

    4. Will the course be taught by a Council Rock teacher?  Yes. The university has approved select teachers at your high school to teach these courses.

    5. Do I have to leave my high school to take the classes?  No. The classes are taught in your high school during the regular school day.

    6. How do I receive my college transcript? If your final grade is a C or better, your teacher will submit your final grade to university at the end of the course.  Your unofficial transcript will be available once the university processes your final grade.

    7. Will these credits transfer to other colleges and universities?  Generally, yes. Dual enrollment credits are accepted by most institutions. However, a few institutions do not accept dual enrollment credits. You can check with the institution's admissions office or search its website for "dual enrollment" to find out the institution's policy.

    8. How do I enroll in the program?  Complete the enrollment form and return it to your teacher along with a check for $400 per course made payable to Gwynedd Mercy University no later than October 7, 2019.
      Download enrollment form here.