•  Welcome to the CR South Ski & Snowboard captains
    PASSES ARE IN!!!  I will be distributing passes this week!  I will be available during lunch periods on MONDAY and TUESDAY and will also be available from 2:15 -3 PM on Tuesday and Thursday for pick-up.  Students can find me in the counseling office at any of these times.   Thanks!  Jen Nicholl  215-944-1187
    Also---  Some families still owe Blue  Mtn information and MUST provide the documents to Blue in order for their passes to work.    These documents include a picture (head shot) and also the waiver.  
    Regarding the waivers:
      • If a parent purchased the passes for their kids the waivers are in the parents account to sign. They are usually signed as part of the process but some get by without signing.
      • If the passes were purchased by a minor then the parent must register for an account with another email and make the kids associates.  The waivers will come to that account.
      • If a spouse or friend purchase for another adult, that adult will still need to register for an account so they can sign their own waiver.  If they have an account already the waiver will be there to sign.
    Due to a variety of issues, Council Rock will not be hosting ski trips to Blue Mountain this year.  However, we are pleased to announce that Blue Mountain will be  offering DISCOUNTED PASSES to our students and their families. 
    They have created a portal for our CR South families to purchase tickets. Passes  will be delivered to Council Rock South and all students will receive notification when they are available for pick-up.  
    Instructions are below. 
    These passes are only available to purchase until October 31. 

    (A Lesson may be purchased throughout the season, but must be purchased at least 48 hours in advance)

    Here is a link to our group portal : 


    There are two documents attached -  One is a PDF with instructions on how to make a purchase in the portal.  Please note, if you need to create an account, please create an account as you and add the student as a child.  If you create the account as a child, you will not be able to sign the waivers. The other is a flyer with the products available for this year.  


    2019-20 Registration Packet and Permission slips, medical forms and hoagie order (optional)

    Registration packets MUST be turned in with all pages completed BEFORE you will be assigned your bus number (busses fill up quickly so be sure to follow all directions in this packet so your information is complete).


    Important information: The buses will pick up and drop off in the BACK of South by the gym where the athletic buses depart from. 

    We will be returning around 11:00 PM. Please be sure to be there on time to pick up your child. We will have students text parents on our way home from Blue Mountain. Parents should not park by the curb, as that is where the buses will pull up.

    Thank you for your help in making our trips smooth! 

     Tips for a Smooth Trip 

    1. We leave immediately after school. Do not change before getting on the bus. You need to change at the Mountain.

    2. Bus lists will are posted at the following link. There will be no bus changes at this time. You must be on the SAME bus you   are assigned to going to Blue Mountain and coming home.

    There will be NO changes to the bus list. You must take the bus you are assigned to Blue Mountain & home from Blue Mountain Bus List will be posted Jan 9, 2020. 

    3. If you are not renting equipment, you must bring your own equipment into the building using the back door by the athletic trainer’s office between 6:45AM – 7:15 AM. NO EQUIPMENT  WILL BE  PERMITTED  TO  BE  BROUGHT  INTO  THE  BUILDING  THROUGH  THE  FRONT  ENTRANCE!  All equipment will be locked up during the school day and retrieved at 2:15 PM.

    4. You may not drive up to Blue Mountain, you must take the bus as this is a school sponsored trip.

    5.  You must wear a helmet or you will not participate.

    6. All school rules apply so be sure to make good decisions.

    7. If we are unable to use one of the above trip dates, every effort will be made to reschedlue busses. If busss are not available, Blue Mountain will allow our students to use their pass on a full day to make up for cancelled trip. Safetly is our first priority.

    8. There are no refunds, no exceptions.

    Advisors: Mrs. Jennifer Nicholl & Mrs. Renee Devlin