• On-Line Textbook Access

    7th Grade Honors


    Go to :



    Enter your username & password…

    This is a generic log-on.  Every student will be using the same credentials!


    Username :

    ImaStudent20/21  (Yes - the first letter is a capital I, so is the S.  No spaces…)


    Password :

    123456CR (Yes - the last letters are capitals.  No spaces…)


    Click on the box under the green Browse circle that says Environmental Science: Your World Your Turn 2011       Looks like this… bottom box…




    Scroll down until you see the chapter you want and click on the picture.

    For example, Ch. 18 is shown below :


     Ch. 18 looks like this… just click on the picture.


    Click the upper left icon (blue & white) that says

    Student e-Text and the chapter you picked.  Looks like this…  


    Click the box “Open in new window” when it pops up.


    Give it a second… wait for it…  And there is your book!