• Hawkeye Reward System


    • Each day, a Hawkeye will be given to ten different students when recognized for meeting expectations for being Safe, Responsible or Kind.
    • When students receive a Hawkeye, they will go to the office at a time during the day to redeem their Hawkeye.
    • While at the office, they will sign their name in the Celebrity Book and then pick a numbered Hawkeye.
    • Numbered Hawkeyes will be placed on the board outside the office in the numbered space that corresponds with the number on the Hawkeye the child has taken.
    • When 10 Hawkeyes line up in a row (horizontally or vertically), the ten students whose Hawkeyes are in that row or column will win a prize.
    • Each student who receives a Hawkeye will be able to take home their Hawkeye and will have their name announced the following day during morning announcements.


    Hawks Nest