• Fusion Digital Resources Log-on Instructions  


    Here are the directions that will show you how to access your Academic Science Fusion online textbook and digital online lessons.  



    Username:  newtown2018

    Password:   Dna2018 (case sensitive)



    How to log-in to Fusion Digital Resources: 

    When you follow the directions below to access your textbook online, have patience, as loading this website can take a LONG time!

    1. Go to: Thinkcentral.com (Chrome and Firefox seem to work best; Internet Explorer not so much; I don't know about Edge.)
    2. Select state (if you type PENNA it will jump to Pennsylvania)
    3. Select district (if you type Counc it will jump to Council Rock)
    4. Select Newtown Middle School
    5. Check "Remember me" (It will only remember state, district and school)
    6. Username = newtown2018 ---Everyone has the same Username
    7. Password = Dna2018 (case sensitive) ---Everyone has the same Password.
    8. Click Log In
    9. Click My Library -- if you see a white screen, try a different browser (...try Chrome or Firefox or Edge or Safari...)
Last Modified on January 14, 2020