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    *** Parents/Students with iPhones or iPads have a scanner.  You can scan work to me by using your "Notes App."  Open a new note, press the camera button, and the option to scan document will come up.  Once the document is scanned, you can email it with less bandwidth than a photo.  

    Distance/Virtual Learning Mondays

    Special - ART 

    Distance/Virtual Learning Tuesdays

    Specail- Gym

    Ms. Sherry Miller


    Distance Learning (click here) Physical Education


    Distance/Virtual Learning Wednesdays

    Special - Library

    Distance/Virtual Learning Thursdays

    No Special

    Distance/ Virtual Learning Fridays

     Special - MUSIC


    Weekly Overview 5/18 - 5/22 (Week #7)



    1. Lesson 3-3 

    2. Lesson 3-4

    3. Chapter 3 Quiz

    4.  Chapter 3-5 



    1. Read 20 Minutes Daily and complete sticky notes (3 for the week)

    2. There Will Come Soft Rains google slides

    3. Wonder Read Aloud and questions

    4.  There Will Comes Soft Rains book talk (Wednesday 9:30 am)



    Social Studies 

    1.  Chapter 6 Section 1.2

    2.  Chapter 6 Section 1.3

    3. Brahmanism research and paragraph

    4. Khan Academy Hinduism lesson 



    1. Chapter 2 Section 4

    2.  Amoeba Sisters Mitosis 

    3.  Chapter 2 Recap