As we begin distance learning, it is important to establish expectations so that we can maximize the success of our students. As such, please review the following Virtual Classroom Expectations as established by Council Rock School District. The basic tenets are: Be Honest, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

    Daily Responsibility of Students
    Our expectation is that you will login using their Council Rock student credentials (to either Google Classroom, Canvas, district website, or other platforms the teacher has indicated) and check for assignments at least once daily, Monday through Friday. It will be easier if you set up a regular time of the day to log on. Have a space in your home set aside to do your work i.e. kitchen table, desk.

    ● Review the weekly overview and assignments on Monday and check daily for each day’s assignments to help you to complete your work.

    ● Read, watch, or listen to the directions and work carefully.

    ● Know when your teacher will be online and ask for help and explanations if needed. (Please be aware that the timeliness of email responses will vary.)

    ● Share work and discuss ideas with your teacher and with other students, when appropriate.

    ● Submit completed assignments by the established deadline. If you are having difficulty submitting, let your teacher know.

    ● Look for assignments that your teacher has reviewed, and/or commented on.

    ● If you have technical difficulties, ask your parents for help or have your parents contact chromebooksupport@crsd.org

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