Literary Criticism (Lit. Crit.) Search

    Suggestions for your search:

    • You will need to use THREE different lit. crits. for your paper!
    • Be patient and keep at it; you will NOT find the "Holy Grail" of sources on your first try....
    • You WILL have to ... wait for it ... READ.  Skim and read to find potential sources and then actually read the good sources you find.  Use the SEARCH WITHIN tool to help you skim/search for a word or phrase.
    • AVOID "shooting ducks in a barrel," or in other words, landing on a paragraph and reading a sentence or two and saying, "Perfect! I'm using it!"  You need instead to READ the paragraphs before and after in order to understand a quote's context; taking a quote out of context is plagiarism.
    • Watch the tutorials below, vary your search strategies, try all the databases, and email Mrs. D-V with any questions or problems.  

     Video Tutorials for Searching Databases:

                      1. for BLOOM's Literature (limited time access)  1

                               - click here to enter database

                               - scroll to bottom of page to find Bloom's

                               - the password is posted on Canvas (same as Ferguson's Career Center)

                 2. for EbscoHOST   1

                      3. for Gale Lit. Resource Center   9


                      4. for Gale eBooks  2


                                      Works Cited How-to for Gale eBooks (and the rest)


                      5. for JSTOR 3