• It's June!!! 


      Week of June 1   Flowers And Butterflies Clipart | Free download on ClipArtMag

    Look for an email for a meet up with your Reading Club Teacher

    Learn more about Compare and Contrast  - Here

    Practice you Long O's with this fun   -Game


     Happy MAY Second Graders!  Here are this week's activities.  Have fun!

    Week of May 25

    Happy Memorial Day!!

    As you listen to this story about friends, think about who is the main character.

    This Way Charlie

    then complete this worksheet:

    Brave and Kind

    Practice your vowel teams with this Game


    Week of May 18

     Hi Second Graders- Check your email for an invitation to an online meeting

    Learn about Spiders :Here  How to Draw a Cartoon Spider in a Few Easy Steps | Easy Drawing Guides

    While reading about the Spiders notice the words in bold print and the picture with captions


    Practice OU and OW: Here



    Week of May 11

    Get the Buzz on Yoga:  Bee Calm    Cute bee cartoon — Stock Vector 

    While reading Bee Calm,  Dig for 2 facts about Yoga  Dog Digging Clipart | Free download on ClipArtMag

    Is it a Fact or an Opinion:  check it out here


    Week of May 4:   


    Enjoy the pretty trees outside and read :  Little Tree  

    Then complete the Five Finger Retell:  5 Finger Retell     


    Week of April 27: 

    Check out this cool game to practice your S Blends! S Blend Game

    Get the Main idea   Click here for Main Idea



     Week of April 20:

    Activity # 1:

    Do you like animals?  You will love this activity.  Please go to this website to check out books and videos all about animals!

    Daily Reading: Animals

    April 22nd is Earth Day!  Go on a nature walk.  Look for things that are helpful to the Earth.  Write down the items and why they are important.  You can use the journal page below or make your own!

    Earth Day Nature Walk Journal Page

    Earth Day Reading Passage


    Week of April 13:

    Please go to the following resource from Storyline: 

    GRADE 1 here :   https://www.storylineonline.net/library/?search=1st%2520

    GRADE 2 here:   https://www.storylineonline.net/library/?search=2nd


    Go to the following site: https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome/grades-1-2.html

    Please choose two of the daily activities from Week 2 to complete.


    Week of March 30:

    Please go to the following resource from Scholastic: https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome/grades-1-2.html

    Please choose two of the daily activities from Week 1 to complete.