• We miss you, Class of 2021!

    As we stay safe and practice social distancing, think about all we have to look forward to:

    • Our Class Leadership Elections will take place in September.   
    • We look forward to voting for capable students who make class events possible!


    • Our first Class of 2021 Senior Year Assemby is Friday, September 25th. 
    • We are looking forward to hearing about the details of our Florida Trip!    


    • Fall Festival run by the Class of 2021...looking forward to Sat, October 10th


    • Florida 2021!!!  We look forward to April 13th through April 17th 


    • Senior Prom 2021!!! We are looking forward to Friday, May 21st


    Stay safe, stay positive, and look forward...

                                                                   Looking forward

    Mr. Bauer, Ms Gooding, Ms Gormley and your Class Officers