image of the word friday

    Distance Learning is hard work! You deserve a break! Take a minute to let the WES Faculty entertain you. Every Friday we will feature a few special guests engaged in a new activity.

    May 29 - What a Jokester! Look to see who takes the stage at their very own comedy club and delivers some giggles! VIDEO

    May 22- Meet our co-workers 

    May 15 - Show off part of your healthy everyday routine! Zumba? Yoga? Jogging? What is the WES Staff doing to move their body? Find out by clicking EXERCISE

    May 8th- Show off the pet(s) in your home and tell us a little bit about them! Click on this PET video!

    May 1st-Staff Secret! Watch the VIDEO and see which staff members will share a secret talent, skill, or fact that you didn’t know!

    April 24th-The Push Up Challenge! Which staff members attempted to complete 10 pushups? Can they do it? Watch the VIDEO to find out!  Now, you try!