•                                                   2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR



    November 12, 2019  (K-3) SHANE EVANS


    Welcome Back - Shane to our school. We are delighted to have Mr. Evans come back and share with our younger children more of his new books, songs, art, and wonderful stories. He is the creator of over 50 books for children. Shane has many titles to his name which include: author, artist, illustrator, musician, songwriter, and the founder of Dream Studio, a community art space in Kansas City, Missouri which is also his home town.

    A very special "Thank You" to our Diversity Committee for the wonderful privilege of hosting authors and illustrators at our school.


    February 10, 2020   (1-3) MICHAEL REX


    MICHAEL REX is the creator of over 40 books for children, including the number one best selling parody, GOODNIGHT GOON and the FANGBONE graphic series. He was a delight and during his two presentations he showed the children how he makes a book with his ideas, sketches, rough drafts, rewrites, then the illustrations. He stressed how important it is as a author to write then rewrite over and over again to make it just right for the readers. He also showed off his newest title: FACTS VS. OPINIONS VS. ROBOTS and the crowd went WILD.

    THAT IS A FACT! The book shows through examples the difference between what a fact is and what an opinion is with robots as the main characters. 


    A must "Thank You" to Kathy Morrison owner of Newtown Bookshop for arranging Michael to visit our school during his multi-state book tour. This Spring, Michael is touring bookstores and schools throughout the US sharing his brand new, hot off the press book: Facts vs. Opinions vs. Robots. We loved his presentations and his books and wish him much luck!!!!



    February 24, 2020   (K-3) KATE HOSFORD


    Kate came to us from Brooklyn, New York where she lives with her family. Before becoming an author, she worked as an elementary school teacher, a social worker, and an illustrator.  She showed many of her books and told the children where she came up with the ideas and why she decided to write those ideas down to be made into books. Some of the books she shared were Big Bouffant, Infinity and Me, How the Queen Found the Perfect Cup of Tea, and her newest, A Songbird Dreams of Singing; Poems about Sleeping Animals.


     An interesting part of Kate's presentation was when she showed the audiences who all the people were that are involved with putting just one book together. From the editors, to the researchers, to the illustrators, to the printers, and to the fact checkers in some cases working all over the U.S and the world each having a big part to play in how a book is made.




    March 18, 2020  (4-6) CHRISTOPHER MYERS


     Our final author this year is Christopher Myers and I couldn't be more proud because this man gives students a chance to talk and learn about books and shows through example the importance of reading and writing in an author's life just like him. The son of acclaimed author, Walter Dean Myers he credits his appreciation of art because of images and objects his parents would bring home from flea markets and auctions in New York while growing up: "little histories;" "other people's memories that were left behind."

    In addition to being an author and illustrator, he is a sculptor, a photographer, a clothing designer, a collagist and a very fine dancer and H.O.R.S.E. player.

    Christopher has exhibited his work at MOMA, Studio Museum in Harlem, and the Goethe Institute in Ghana. He has worked collaborating with his late father, Walter Dean Myers, on many books including Harlem, which was awarded a Caldecott Honor and Coretta Scott King Honor medals. His solo effort, BLACK CAT, was also a Coretta Scott King Honor Book.

    "Discover A World Where Everything Is Possible," is the lead-in to the mission statement for MAKE ME A WORLD, which captures the essence of his new imprint from Random House Publishing. Christopher is the creative director of the imprint, and he explains that MAKE ME A WORLD, is dedicated to "exploring the vast possibilities of contemporary childhood" and "making books where the children of today can see themselves and each other."