The Earned Income Tax is a .5% tax on earned income, wages or net profits for residents of Council Rock School District (your municipality may also levy a portion of the earned income tax).  State law requires employers to withhold the tax from payroll.  Those who do not have payroll withholding (for example, those who work in New Jersey or for the federal government) and those who are self-employed must pay the tax quarterly.  The earned income tax collector, Keystone Collections Group, enables residents to make quarterly payments online.  By law, all Pennsylvania residents with earned income, wages or net profits must file an annual local earned income return online or by mail by April 15. Even if you have employer withholding or are not expecting a refund, you must still file a timely return.  More information on the earned income tax is available on Keystone’s website at www.KeystoneCollects.com. At the beginning of each year, Keystone Collections Group sends out tax forms to everyone who filed a return the previous year.  These returns are due by April 15.  If you are a new resident, you can find the tax form and instructions for filing on Keystone’s website www.KeystoneCollects.com.