The following reopening timeline includes some dates that are tentative and subject to change. Additional timeline information will be added as we continue to develop reopening process plans. 

    • 6/03/20: PDE Sends Preliminary Phased Reopening Guidance to PA School Districts
    • 6/05/20: PDE Sends Health and Safety Plan Template to PA School Districts
    • 6/15/20: Bucks County Health Department Provides Guidance to Bucks School Districts
    • 6/24/20: CRSD Health and Safety Plan Survey Sent to CR Parents and Staff
    • 6/30/20: Special Board Meeting to Approve Council Rock Athletics/Marching Band Health and Safety Plan
    • 7/09/20: Public discussion #1 of CRSD Health and Safety Plan at Special Board Meeting
    • 7/16/20: Public discussion #2 of CRSD Health and Safety Plan at Joint Committee Meeting
    • 7/23/20: Board Approval of CRSD Reopening Plan and Health and Safety Plan 
    • 7/31/20: Learning Option Electronic Registration Form to be Sent to All CR Families
    • 8/07/20: Window Closes for CR Learning Option Family Registration Process
    • 9/08/20: First Day of School with 100% Virtual Learning in Place
    • 9/25/20: Last Day of 100% Virtual Learning
    • 9/29/20: Choice Between Hybrid Model and 100% At-Home Learning Begins with 4-Day In-Person Schedule Option for Some Special Education Students and Modified 1/2 day Program for Kindergarten Students


    Dates to Change from Virtual to Hybrid Learning:

    •   For 2nd MP: October 28, 2020 (MP 2 Begins November 11, 2020)

    •   For 3rd MP: January 11, 2021 (MP 3 Begins February 1, 2021)

    •   For 4th MP: March 16, 2021 (MP 4 Begins April 6, 2021)

    ***Changing from Hybrid to Virtual can occur at any time during the marking period.