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Transportation for Private & Non-Public School Students

  • ** CR Transportation does not provide busing information to individual families **

    We do not have adequate contact information to do so. Please contact your school's administration for bus information

    Below is helpful information to ensure a successful 21/22 school year launch.

    Requirements needed for Council Rock to provide busing are as follows:

    1.  The transportation department requires a request to transport from the school as well as four current proofs of residency from the family. FOUR (4) PROOFS OF RESIDENCY: Examples are listed below: 

    • Internal Revenue Statement
    • Property Deed
    • Vehicle Registration Card
    • Notarized Lease
    • Insurance Statement
    • Utility Activation Statement
    • Driver's License
    • Bank Statement
    • Utility Billing Statement
    • We cannot accept packing slips and blank checks

    For your convenience, we have provided the following checklist, to be turned in with your proofs.  Please submit the proofs and residency check-off form to

    Once routing is complete, schools will be notified and in turn, will provide their families with busing information. 

    2.  Inclement Weather

    • If Council Rock School District cancels schools due to adverse weather, ALL bus service for ALL schools is canceled. 
    • Weather delays are announced when local road conditions or school grounds are judged to be potentially hazardous for student transportation AND that these conditions will be sufficiently improved following the weather delay.   
    • If Council Rock School District announces a 2 or 3-hour weather delay, ALL Council Rock buses will delay normal service 2 or 3 hours for ALL students at ALL schools.

     3.  Early Dismissal days at Your School

    • Council Rock honors up to 5 early dismissal days per school, per school year. 
    • Council Rock will bus students to your school on those scheduled days. 
    • Please check with your school to see what days they have asked us to transport the students.

     4.  Text Alerts

    • At present, the district’s text alert system does not allow the integration of phones for our private school families. 
    • We are working to change that as quickly as possible and hope to have that capability soon.
    • Information will be broadcasted to schools and families when the capability is added.

    5. FirstView Bus Tracking App

    • FirstView is now available for non-public school students
    • In order to register your student, a "StudentID" and "Security Code" are needed.
    • Both required items will be provided to your school's administrators to give to you prior to the start of the 21/22 school year
    • Please email if you do not receive the information