• Dear CR School Community-

    I write today as we officially close out the school year, and also look ahead to the fall and the start of the 2020-21 school year. Allow me to first commend our students, staff, and parents for successfully navigating some of the most difficult teaching and learning conditions any of us will ever face. I remain impressed with how the vast majority have remained positive and full of grace since March 13th when we needed to close our school doors. Thank you. We also offer our heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2020. You’ve endured more than most as we’ve navigated COVID-19, and I am proud of you for demonstrating your tremendous leadership, resilience, and maturity through it all. Your futures are bright; we are proud to know that you are now CR alumni and will be out there making the world a better place. All of our very best to each and every one of you!

    As the rest of us look ahead to the District reopening its doors in August, we know that we’re going to once again face challenges, and we also know that there remain several unknowns relative to the future impact of the virus. Thus, we are preparing for a variety of reopening scenarios. We have assembled a reopening task force, which consists of a steering team and six individual committees. The steering team consists of our full Cabinet, our Supervisor of Pupil Services, our nursing coordinator, and our CREA and CRESPA presidents. The work of this task force is to prepare for all of the scenarios that we may encounter during the 2020-21 school year. As such, the task force’s individual committees are as follows and have ample representation from all levels of CR staff: 1.) Promoting a clean and safe environment; 2.) Preparing for closure at a moment’s notice/business continuity planning; 3.) Social distancing/logistics; 4.) Caring for our most vulnerable; 5.) Distance learning; and 6.) Communications.

    As we consider different reopening scenarios, please know that we will be conducting both staff and parent surveys in the coming days and weeks. This feedback will help inform what reopening in the fall will look like. We will also fully consider guidance that both the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and the Bucks County Health Department have provided. Please note that an additional set of PDE guidance is also forthcoming as of this writing. Ultimately, all Pennsylvania school districts are responsible for creating a Health and Safety Plan that must be Board approved and submitted to PDE prior to reopening for in-person instruction. We intend to have our Board of School Directors review our CR Health and Safety Plan in July.

    Again, please be on the lookout for what will likely be multiple surveys in the coming days and weeks. Beyond that, here’s wishing everyone an outstanding summer. Please stay safe, and enjoy the sunshine and time together as a family.

    Dr. Robert Fraser
    Superintendent of Schools