9th Grade Honors American Civilization 

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    Course Catalog Description

    This course examines the period of American history from Reconstruction through WWII. An emphasis is placed on economics, civics, government, and geography. Content and skills of the course are designed to enable students to demonstrate an understanding of chronological development and historical comprehension. The expectations of student work are high. Outside readings and research are used in addition to the text. The students are asked to articulate issues and ideas orally as well as in writing. There is an emphasis on the development of higher-level thinking skills. 





    - Your fully-charged, school-issued Chromebook. 
    Due to Covid-19 precautions, please also be sure to have:
    - Pens/Pencils and erasers/Highlighters and any other school-related supplies.
    - All "handouts" will be electronic to minimize contact. You may choose to print and have a binder or folder.

    All course-related material will be posted on Canvas. You will be automatically enrolled in the course.