• LiBrArY Q & A's

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    When can I come to the library to check out books?


    You may come to the library anytime your schedule permits you to. You may stop in the morning to check out a book before homeroom.  You may also get a pass from your homeroom teacher to come to the library during R/A to check out a book or to browse the collection. You can stop by before lunch or come on in right after school.  Your English and Reading teachers may also bring you during classtime.


    What do I have to do to come into the library during Resource Activity Period?


    Get a pass from your homeroom teacher.  When the bell rings for R/A you must bring your handbook/pass directly to Ms. Curran and she will then assign you a computer and a workstation or table.


    Do I have to stay the whole R/A Period?


    NO, but when you leave you must sign out and get a pass from Ms. Curran to go back to homeroom.


     Where can I find Works Cited?


    On the Library web site under "Library Documents."  Click the link and it will take you there :-)  Hard copies are available in the library...just see Ms. Curran!


    Can I stay after school to use the library?


    The library is open after school on Thursdays until 3:45 PM. We would love to see you!


    What length of time may I borrow books for?


    Two weeks and you may renew as many times as you would like, unless there is a reserve on it. You may renew books online using your Student I.D. number located on your schedule or Student I.D. card. Just login into your Destiny Account.

     What is an "Acceptable Use Policy"?


    Council Rock's  Acceptable Use Policy is the policy that we hold all students, staff and community accountable for.  To view this policy please follow the link.  This pertains to the acceptable use of computers, computer facilities and computer resources.


    What is "Academic Integrity"?

     Newtown Middle School challenges students to master facts and intellectual processes.  For such learning to be meaningful, it must be the product of a student's own effort.  For this very reason, the faculty and administration take very seriously any activity that is inconsistent with this understanding. 


    In other words, we do not tolerate plagiarism in any way, shape or form.  If you need help using the information you have researched, please ask a teacher or librarian. We are happy to guide you! 


    How much are fines for overdue materials?


    We do not charge fines. Please be mindful of your due dates & respect others

    whom may be waiting for the book you have. 


    Due dates of all materials are evident during the sign-out process. Students are responsible for returning all materials signed out on or before the due date.  Students have the ability to renew books online using their Student I.D. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You may access Destiny (our online library catalog) through the students citrix account. 


    What if I lose a book?

     Lost book fines include paying the current price of the same exact copy.


    May I check out a book for my parents or siblings for Book Discussion Nights?


    YES!  We encourage it!


    Do you have another question?  Please e-mail the librarian, Ms. Curran, at curran@crsd.org.