• Council Rock School District is offering different learning options for the 20-21 school year. Please review the learning options below before starting your registration and when ready, click the Register button to enroll your child(ren).


    Overview of the in-person student experience:
    When attending in-person, a minimum of three-feet social distancing will be provided and face coverings will be required and enforced. The exact amount of social distancing will vary from classroom to classroom, and will be dependent upon the number of families selecting alternative options. Despite the fact that this option most closely resembles the type of teaching and learning to which we are accustomed, there will remain significant differences as we continue to endure this pandemic (e.g., small-group collaborative work will largely not be possible, hands-on activities will be greatly curtailed because the sharing of supplies/manipulatives will be prohibited).

    Overview of the at-home student experience:
    When learning from home, students will have each of their classrooms livestreamed throughout the day via their Chromebook (access to all livestreamed classes will be password protected). In this way, the classroom will be brought directly to them at home. Videoconferencing capabilities will also be enabled so that students at home may participate as fully as possible with their teachers and with their classmates during class. While this experience cannot completely replicate the classroom experience, it is the one option that gets us closest to replicating classroom learning. Additionally, due to the videoconferencing capabilities, students learning at home will experience much greater socialization than was the case this past spring with distance learning as they directly participate in class with their classmates, some of whom will be physically in the classroom and some of whom will also be at home participating via livestreaming.

    Overview of the hybrid experience:
    Students will attend school in-person 50% of the days, and learn from home on the opposite 50% of days. Doing so will limit the number of students in a classroom at any given time and, thus, enhance the District’s ability to social distance. How the 50% of days are structured is to be determined (options include alternating days in school/at home, alternating every two days, alternating weeks, etc.).