• If your child sees me for Language Arts or Math Instruction, while we are in a Virtual or Hybrid Learning Setting, the following supplies may be useful.  Note, these items are likely listed on your child's grade level supply list, but in case they are not, please consider the following:


    • A small, dry erase board (used by your child to solve problems and/or share responses virtually by holding it up to the camera)

      • Note, paper and a thick marker can be used in place of a dry erase board, as long as writing/work is large enough to be seen by the teacher, instructional assistant, or classmates.

    • Dry erase markers and an eraser (old socks/cut-up t-shirts make great erasers!)

    • A binder for each subject if you wish to print material and organize papers

    • Notebook if you child wishes to take notes during direct instruction

    • Access to a calculator

    • Sharpened pencils

    • A smile!  :-)

Last Modified on August 5, 2021