• To all parents and students, welcome to my web site.  Thanks for visiting. I hope you are looking forward to our school year together in 4th grade.  This year is going to present its own special challenges, but as we all work together as a team, we will make it great.  For classroom news throughout the school year, please check in our Google Classroom.

    Materials for when we return to school.

    You would not need to purchase any of these materials until we are sure that we are going to have students return to the classroom. These items will not be able to be kept in school overnight, and will need to be kept at the students' desks during class time.

    1) 3 ring Notebook: 1.5 inch.  Clear plastic cover and pockets. This will serve as the math notebookAvery 11906 Big Tab two pocket insertable plastic dividers-5 tab (or any similar brand - 5 plastic dividers with pockets) (also available on Amazon) or (Staples item #476882 Model 11906)

     2) Spiral Notebook (approx. 8 1/2” X 11”): This will be used for the student’s Writing Journal and for other language arts activities. The notebook will need to be sturdy enough to survive the whole year and have 50 - 75 sheets. Sections or dividers are not necessary.  Do NOT get a Marble Composition book.

    3) 2 Pocket Folders: Get 2 of these. 

    The first folder will be used to transport papers between the school and home. Parents at home and students at school will check this folder daily. An example of the types of papers would be tests to be signed by the parent and returned to school.  This folder will also house the GRF (Grade Recording Form).  This folder can be kept in the Math notebook or kept separately.  *If the math notebook has an area where papers can be transported you won’t need to have this folder at all.  Students would just bring the math notebook home, which they will be doing often anyway.

    The second folder will hold all social studies notes, handouts and study guides for the current unit.  Both folders should be sturdy and ready to take on the rigors of the school day.

    4) White board dry erase markers. The markers may be chisel point or bullet point. We use Expo markers, but you can get any brand. Colors don't matter. We will be using these on a daily basis, so these markers will need to be replaced from time to time. You may also purchase a white board eraser, although an old piece of fabric will do just as well.

    5) Box of pencils (#2 lead). 

    6) A pen, which will be used mostly for self-correcting papers.  Can be any color but the kids might prefer red.   

    7) Highlighter(s): any color(s) will do. 

    8) Ruler: must have metric and standard measurements.  Can be wooden or plastic.

    9) Box of Twistable colored pencils. We'll use these instead of crayons for science illustrations and other drawing experiences.

    10) Earbuds or headphones - will be used when the children are working on the Chromebooks.  These can be stored in a plastic bag with the child's name on it.  I would buy the cheapest ones as sound quality is not critical.


    These materials need to be in class every day. If any of these school materials are lost, broken or run out of ink, they will need to be replaced from home.

    Students are welcome to provide their own materials as well, including markers or glue sticks, but these are not necessary.

    Calculators will also be provided for each student. Calculator work will be done at many times throughout the year in Math. Students will also use calculators in conjunction with the Grade Recording Form to determine current and final grade point averages in Spelling, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Any calculators lost or broken will need to be paid for by the student.  

    One final suggestion is a Spell Checker. Our class will have a limited supply of these. Students love to use these, especially in conjunction with Spelling Edits and when they edit other writing (either their own or another students’). Spell checkers are used many times during the course of our school day. These speller checkers make great educational gifts. If you are purchasing one for your student, it can be any make or model. I would purchase something inexpensive. As long as it has a spell checking function it will be fine for your student to use. Be sure your child's name is on the spell checker before bringing it into school.


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