Welcome to second grade!  I am so thrilled to be meeting you soon!  I hope that you have been having a summer that is providing lots of happy family times.  Are you ready to begin a new and exciting year at Newtown Elementary?  


    In second grade, you will be participating in a lot of terrific learning opportunities.  Some of these experiences will require a little preparation.  One of your first preparations is to find a photo of you doing an activity in the summertime that you enjoy.  Be prepared to talk about your photo.  You will need your photo on the first day of school.  Please also have your parents help you to prepare for second grade by obtaining the supplies needed on our Supply List for 2020-2021.


    I can't wait to hear about your summer happenings!  I will share some of mine, too.  Here is a sneak peek...This was an unusual summer for all of us, and my activities took place in Bucks County with family and friends.  With no trips to Phillies games or days at the beach this year, I've been spending a lot of time outside, reading tons of books I'd been looking forward to enjoying, watching classic movies, trying new recipes, taking educational workshops, and participating in weekly Pilates classes.  


    I look so forward to meeting you and our new class!  Information about the opening days will be coming out soon. 


    Enjoy these last few weeks of summer!

    Ms. Mulholland