• Supply List


    Supply List 2020-2021


    1) Summer photo


    2) 2 marble composition notebooks (labeled with your child's name)


    3) 2 very sturdy folders with pockets not prongs


    4) 1 plastic (washable) pencil box (up to 4 inches tall)


    5) 1 set of headphones in a labeled plastic bag for Chromebooks


    6) 1 family size box of tissues


    7) 1 large Lysol/disinfecting wipes to clean desks


    8) 1 large anti-bacterial hand sanitizer


    9) Optional: 1 small whiteboard and dry erase marker


    10) 1 old sock to use as a whiteboard eraser


    Although we are posting hand sanitizer and wipes like we always do, we understand these materials may not be available, too costly for some families, and addressed through periodically updated CDC guidelines.  Do not worry!  Do what you can!  Let Mrs. Blumenthal know if you need help purchasing supplies.  Thank you!