• 4th Grade 

    Suggested Supply List



    Although some of these items may seem unconventional, it is because we are trying to prepare for the various learning environments that we will most likely be fluctuating between throughout this school year.


    1. Egg Timeror some other simple timer that can sit where your child will be working at home each day and that they can easily set by themselves.  This is important as we will be moving between synchronous and asynchronous learning throughout our virtual school days.  

    2. 1-inch clear binder with inside pocket-  This pocket will act as their home folder.  Therefore, if the binder does not have the inside pocket, your child will also need an additional folder.

    3. 2 packs of reinforced 3-hole punched loose leaf paper

    4. 3-ring binder dividers, 8 pack.  The poly, or plastic ones, are recommended. 

    5. Dry Erase Markerboard (personal size- roughly 9" x 12")

    6. Dry Erase Marker Set (at least a 5 pack)

    7. Dry Marker Eraser or An Old Sock (to be used as a white board eraser)

    8. Pencil Case/Box with the following: pencils and erasers

    9. 2 extra large book socks (to cover textbooks)

    10. An Old Sock (to be used as a white board eraser)

    11. Optionala pair of headphones for computer learning