Dear Fourth Grade Families,

    Hello and welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! My name is Jenna Quilty and I am thrilled to be your child’s fourth grade teacher. I feel so lucky to have been a teacher for our second, third and now fourth graders. I can't wait to see everyone again, both new and familiar! 

    This is my eighth year of teaching and sixth year teaching within CRSD. My goal is to support your growth as a student, help you dive deeper into each subject and support you in finding your interests along the way! 

    My love for learning has never stopped, even as an adult. In fact, I will be taking the first two marking periods to become a student again and finish my Master's degree in New York City! While I am away, Ms. Rescigno will be your teacher. I know you will have a wonderful start to the year together and learn a lot, too!

    We’re going to have so much fun in fourth grade!


    Ms. Quilty