• School Counselors:

    Love helping students uncover their strengths, passions, abilities and interests and recognize their full potential

    Listen with an open heart and mind

    See the whole child

    Embrace and appreciate the uniqueness of each child

    Believe in confidentiality

    Believe ALL feelings matter

    Are attuned to each child's developmental level and needs

    Are champions and advocates for students 

    Care deeply about the well-being of students and their families

    Elementary School Counselors provide a wide range of services and support to the school community. We are educators uniquely trained in child development, learning strategies, self management and social skills, who understand and promote success for all students. School Counselors help students develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to acquire in academic, career and social/emotional development, which serve as the foundation for lifelong learning and success. We believe in the worth of all students and are dedicated to advocating for students in the educational setting while promoting a safe learning environment that is based on prevention and intervention. Our approach is person-centered, strength-based and solution-focused. We believe all students need and deserve engaging opportunities to learn and grow in a safe, nurturing, inclusive environment where they feel valued, respected and successful.


    A School Counselor is